About Me

Hi there!! Welcome to my very first blog! I am so excited that you have come for a read! 🙂

If you haven’t guessed already, or know, my name is Jess… short for Jessica of course! I was born in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1989 (you do the maths) on a nice sunny Thursday! *I don’t actually know if it was sunny, I was clearly an infant and hadn’t even opened my eyes yet! (probably because it was too sunny)*

When I turned 21 I found a passion for travelling! My first stop was New Zealand with my cousin. Road Tripping around the South Island in the snowy winter months. Next was a European Contiki Tour with one of my besties. I then moved to Sydney, New South Wales, for a year and traveled around a bit more locally. After moving back to Adelaide the next stop was Japan for some snowboarding lessons in Hakuba and a pit stop in Tokyo. Then Thailand to check out the Lady Boys and Ping Pong Shows. Travelling around the UK the next year, visiting England, Scotland and Ireland with a mini stopover in Paris for the football (soccer). Bali after that with another little sneaky trip to Japan later on that year. That then brings me to 2019… where later this year it will be Hawaii for the big THREE-OH! (guess you didn’t need to do that maths after all).

I became a hair dresser straight from school and loved it! However after a few years I had enough of the weekends, late nights, and low income. I moved into an office environment and am now a Payroll/Accounts Officer. Which is much more boring than a hair dresser ever was so I’ll stop talking about that now.

I have a rabbit, who is honestly a little sh*t bag. She hates us. We think she may have been treated badly at her last home so we are trying to shower her with lots of love but she really doesn’t want a bar of us so we just let her be most days :(.

I have a weird and crazy obsession with llamas and alpacas. Like its probably not normal… I have to buy anything that has them on there! I have a large canvas print above my TV in the living room. And I have llama things ranging from ornaments, salt and pepper shakers, mugs and tea strainers, to quilt covers, cushions and recently I got the CUTEST little llama teapot! omg DYINGGG. I am obsessed.

I was a dancer from a very young age of 3. I danced up until about 20/21 until I simply couldn’t be bothered spending my spare time there any more. Unfortunately it became more of a chore than a hobby.

I have never been too good with ball sports. If you ask anyone from school they will be sure to tell you about a certain Volleyball incident. That is a story for another time… NEVER. The ball tends to always find my face so I gave up on ball sports at a young age.

…and that’s probably what lead me to books. I honestly couldn’t tell you where my love for books came from. I remember I used to read Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, So Little Time, Captain Underpants, Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. I loved them all! As I got older I started getting into Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult and bought a lot of their books (which to this day I still haven’t read all of them).

It is only recently over the last couple of years that my love for books came back! A girl from work got me joined up at the library and I could honestly spend hours wondering the aisles and reading the backs of all the books and looking at the amazing covers. Because who doesn’t judge a book by its cover??

I enjoy reading Young Adult (don’t judge), Contemporary and Romance, Women’s Fiction and Psychological Thrillers. I’ve never really been one for Fantasy, however I have never tried one. I have never EVER ready Harry Potter. It has never interested me. My goal is to read at least the first book by the end of the year!

I have really rambled on a bit here and I give you credit if you have made it down to the bottom of this (and actually read it all, not just scrolled to the bottom). I look forward to using this blog to interact with more book lovers, write reviews on the books that I read and to just blabber on about random stuff that hopefully people find interesting!

Thanks for reading!!